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Both Reda And Jj Out

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There are more games left than this one. Saving players who are important, and who are carrying knocks is the sensible thing to do. If we lose tonight and that is the sole reason we go down then criticise all you like. Personally I can still see us nicking a point tonight. Owt can happen in this league as we well know.

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Cheers pal.

Looks quite defensive to me, perhaps given the win on Saturday Jones may be thinking anything we get here is a bonus so would openly take a point.

I have to admit I'm inclined to agree BUT if we could sneak a win tonight, it really would be a MASSIVE boost in the fight for Championship survival.

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That 11 has absolutely no chance of creating 2 goals now ... no threat apart from a long hoof that Howard can flick on to Lita ...


Game plan out of the window.... earn your corn Dave

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Guest Yorkshirecath

he's obviously resting reda and his lack of vitamins for dirty l**ds, which is 100% the right decision


I think Reda is out for the Leeds game due to suspension isn't he?

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