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Quick Message Re: Flares, Violence, Pyro, Fireworks Etc

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Just a quick one to mention that the police of both South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire are very closely monitoring this website ahead of the game against Leeds United.


Posting messages about use of flares, pyro, fireworks, smoke bombs etc and their intended use at any games is seen as inciting and could land you in big trouble.

Owlstalk has never condoned violence or use of banned items at football matches - and we never will - and the last thing we want is for our members to get into any trouble for daft posts on the messageboards

It appears that although this started as one of those ironic, sarcastic windup threads about flares - that some fans are actually starting to take it seriously and it appears that humour, sarcasm and irony is lost on a certain number of our fans who appear to take things on face value - which is strange but hey...

Owlstalk moderators will be deleting any messages/members posting about use of flares, smoke bombs etc for this very reason - we don't want YOU getting into trouble


So remember - before posting anything about flares, smoke bombs etc - THINK - you could wind up getting nicked for incitement and face a banning order or worse


Let's keep it safe, sensible and legal please




Owlstalk Shop




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