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Think About It!

Guest nevergetpastsemedo

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You don't get it do you? No offence but its ppl like you the reason why in a few years £100 a ticket won't be unusual

'People like you'

I know you say no offence - but what balls.

I do get it. Ticket prices are a disgrace. I don't go to the pictures because it isn't worth it. However, football is different for me. I've been to significantly cheaper, better experience Bundesliga games.

However - for me - its about value for money. Blame 'people like me' all you want.

Would you have paid £20 for a ticket if that was the price? Or is your issue with it being 'scummy' Leeds? Because your opening post suggests you don't want money going to them regardless.

Some people won't pay for a blades ticket as they refuse to give them money. Fair do's. I on the other hand, could not miss the game. One day I won't be able to afford to go. While I can, and still have my (rapidly decreasing) life ahead of me - I will continue to do so.

And I'd still happily fork out to see my side beat teams I want to see us beat.

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Guest nevergetpastsemedo

So you think that football will take note of a few fairweather fans like yourself and start reducing the prices...dream on

Fair weather hahaha, if you do your research I think you'll find most fans against modern football are the biggest hardcore fans there is! I've had a season ticket at Hills for the past 12 year travelling to places like Torquay when we were utter sh!t. Prices going up every year will mean I wnt go soon! It's not as though I can't afford it as I own a reletivy successful business, but how ppl can't see that our once beautiful game is getting ruined is totally beyond me!

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