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Should Football Be Played In The Summer ?

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Would never happen due to the World Cup and European Championships.


Plus I've got enough sport to watch in the summer as it is.


Cricket and motor sports keep me busy.

Maybe we could just have roofed stadiums with central heating.

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The players would use more energy regulating body temperature so are at more risk of burning out


Attendances would be up though wouldn't they ?

Maybe a better solution is to restructure so we only play on Saturdays

None of this freezing cold winter evening midweek nonsense


Owlstalk Shop




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yes,yude get bigger crowds

I'd have thought that the vast majority of football fans take their annual holidays in the summer, and you'd greatly reduce gates. Besides it's traditionally a winter game, and on the odd glorious summer weekends we have, people don't want to be sat under cover in football stadia. Why fix it when it's not broken?

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