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What Blackburn Rovers Players Should We Look Out For?

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Guest Fulham Fox

Are you a leg or breast man?

I'm more partial to succulent breast myself

Way too suggestive this early in the morning lol

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Guest SouthStand Gentleman


The guy on 0.28 stealing the poor lads chicken wing. He's a sneaky chappy if I ever saw one!

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Guest wilyfox

didn't Bentley cause us no end of problems when we played Brum in a cup competition during his loan there? i'd be wary of him, Pedersen too from set-pieces - and of course Mr.Rhodes up top. Best is fit again too, isn't he...?

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i've been wonderin' for some time now if, some of their wonder (big) signings want out...

and having fallen from the premier, and not been released, are willing to dump the club another division to secure their release???

i certainly hope so...


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