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Do We Need A Sound Technician To Shape Home Games?

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Manchester United have appointed a sound engineer to help improve the atmosphere at their Old Trafford ground.

The 76,000-seater stadium is the biggest in the Premier League but some fans have complained it is too quiet on match days.

Following a request from supporters, the club has asked an acoustic expert to work out why noise from certain parts of the stadium does not filter across the pitch.

The sound specialist has already been to one match and is due to attend others before the end of the season, when the club will be told how noise levels could be increased.

It is not the first time plans to boost the volume at Old Trafford, often referred to as the Theatre of Dreams, have been put forward.

Supporters have urged the club to create a "singing section" to group more vocal fans together and to reintroduce safe standing areas to encourage fans to sing along to terrace favourites.

A spokesman for the Independent Manchester United Supporters' Association said: "For many, many years now, fans have been told to sit down, shut up and take what they are given.

"Well, now they are sat down, and they have shut up - and the club don't like it."

Asked how the problem should be addressed, the spokesman said: "For a start, United could look at less aggressive stewarding. Fans are allowed to stand at moments of high excitement. When they are forced to sit - as they often are at Old Trafford - they make less noise.

"They should also look at having a section of the ground where like-minded fans could be in the same place, because we recognise standing is an issue for some and not for others.

"Safe-standing does need to be looked at properly, and in more depth, because if they can have it in Germany, why not England?"

United have tried to introduce a singing section by relocating away supporters but were thwarted by local authorities, amid claims there was too much potential for trouble.

Moving season ticket holders to accommodate such an area may also prove unpopular.

The appointment of an acoustic expert comes just days before the Reds' derby clash with rivals Manchester City - one fixture where noise levels are rarely an issue.

United sit top of the Premier League with 77 points - 15 more than second-placed City with eight games to play.


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Guest cypress hill

that's what you get when your grounds full of day trippers.


flip the band off & give fishcake ( mad john to his friends ) a magaphone,& let him do the cheer leading

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Easy solution. We swap squads with Man Utd. We win every week so there's no grumbling and the noise returns. Man Utd don't so all their tourist fans don't go and the 'core' can sit where they like and make noise.

Job done.

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Guest Go For It Owl

Are those microphones that were put up for the Kaiserslaurten game still hanging from the kop roof ?

Just switch them on :)

Job done

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Guest intercity0wl

We need someone with a megaphone to start off the chanting

Would be good, but would never be allowed by H&S, due to possible damage to hearing, plus very important announcements like "all licensed bars close now please" "all licensed bars close now" may not be heard clearly, and supporters may  purchase another beer, and not return to their seats as quickly to take up the Authoritiess prefered position of, arms folded mouth shut.

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Guest Go For It Owl

What if a pottymouth sits right underneath them though?

Well we cud put it in the south stand where all the posh people sit.

No swearing there

It wud just amplify the snoring like one giant vuvuzela :)

(At least it might drown the band out)


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Guest Go For It Owl

Why were the microphones put up above the kop? Ive noticed them for years and never known the reason.



For the Kaiserslautern game to enhance the atmosphere


I think also UEFA had restrictions on the number of fans allowed in stadiums at that time 

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