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1 More Of Us 1 Less Of Them.....kind Of!

Guest Hirsty's Love Child

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Bit of a mixed bag of a weekend coming up.  I don't post much but being a little emotional at the moment I thought i'd use this board as an outlet.


My Uncle passed away this morning, 76 years old & has been going to Hillsborough for 71 of em.  Seen it all good and bad and was the one who took my Dad when Dad was a nipper to his 1st match and made sure he was there when I attended my 1st too ( vs Luton Town 1985)


I'm taking my lad to his 1st Wednesday match this weekend, sounds like its going to be a baptism he'll remember considering the ups and downs of the last few years.  I've not been for a season or so so I have no idea what to tell him when he asks if we're any good.


I left it to our Fred to sum it up when we went to see him a while ago and Jack told him he was going to the football.


"You'll love it Son, you'll never be able to properly explain why, but the minute you see the pitch and hear the crowd there'll be nothing and no-one that gives you that buzz like Wednesday will!  Win Lose or Draw you're one of us now!!" :-)


Here's to a good 3 points this weekend and 1 more devoted Wednesday devotee following!!




This is true my friend.


Great post



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Have a great day , but 


You could be doing the best thing a father could possibly do for a son .


on the other hand you could be inflicting a lifetime of worry and misery on the poor boy .  :duntmatter:



How old is he ?

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Guest Paulos_Medication

Thanks for posting. I'll remember that quote for a long time, spot on.

Enjoy the match

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Guest Johnbloodaxe

RIP Uncle Fred..



He will be there in spirit like 100's of thousands of others that have graced the ground over the years and made the club what it is today and what it always will be...



UTO WTID and afterwards too...

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Guest mkowl

Its a great moment when your Dad takes you to your first game, its then a proud moment when you take your own son to a match.

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