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What Ticket Do I Buy?

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Just looking at the peterborough ticket news and I notice there is no under 18 option, I'm a 17 year old student so I don't have a NUS card so am I still eligible for a student ticket as It seems ridiculous I have to pay for a adult price or could I get away with showing my Bline card and paying student rates?

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Guest PointlessOwl

Mate I'm in the same position. I have loads of derby county mates who tried to get in with under 16 tickets when they played but got id'ed and when they couldn't show they were under 16, they got turned away and not allowed into the stadium.

It's £7 more ffs. I'm a student with no NUS and I'm 17. Get an adult, it's £20 not like it's £36.

Besides, I don't think you can buy student tickets online!

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