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Club Statement!

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Quite right too


Calm down

I actually thought this was going to be a Club statement saying, calm down, get a grip, relax, look at our current form, get things into perspective, stop behaving like fannies, don't go into melt down.

Oh, and we are sorry for being so shiite.


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I'm waiting for club statement saying you can't fart at matches next

I bet you hate those do-gooders.


BTW, smoke bombs in football stadia is a criminal offense and nothing to do with the club.

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Good call.

England is never EVER going to have an Ultra scene like Europe or South America, so letting off the odd smoke bomb here or there is utterly pointless and adds absolutely nothing to the atmosphere.

Agreed. The two at the Barnsley match were pathetic in all honesty, struggling to see how it added to the atmosphere.

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Guest mkowl

I agree with the firework bit, I've only seen one at barnsley & that was daft.


but smoke bombs are harmless, such an OTT reaction from the club for that statement imo.


Whilst no doubt the club don't like this, you should appreciate these statements are also arse covering the club that they are dealing with matters and making spectators aware of breaches. Pity they don't seem keen to re-introduce the old regulation of no musical instruments

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