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Relegation Run In Fixture..

Guest Sheff Owl

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Guest Sheff Owl

I could have done more teams but just thought i would just do the main few..


Look at Huddersfield's run against teams down there...Glad that's not us...






Middlesborough Vs Peterborough

Huddersfield Vs Peterborough

Peterborough Vs Watford

Peterborough Vs Brighton

Derby Vs Peterborough

Peterborough Vs Sheffield Wednesday

Crystal Palace Vs Peterborough





Bolton Vs Huddersfield

Huddersfield Vs Peterborough

Wolves Vs Huddersfield

Blackburn Vs Huddersfield

Huddersfield Vs Millwall

Bristol City Vs Huddersfield

Huddersfield Vs Barnsley





Sheff Wed Vs Blackburn

Blackburn Vs Derby

Blackburn Vs Huddersfield

Watford Vs Blackburn

Millwall Vs Blackburn

Blackburn Vs Crystal Palace

Birmingham Vs Blackburn





Crystal Palace Vs Barnsley

Cardiff Vs Barnsley

Barnsley Vs Charlton

Barnsley Vs Derby

Notts Forest Vs Barnsley

Barnsley Vs Hull





Bolton Vs Wolves

Wolves Vs Huddersfield

Wolves Vs Hull

Charlton Vs Wolves

Wolves Vs Burnley

Brighton Vs Wolves




Sheff Wed


Sheff Wed Vs Blackburn

Millwall Vs Sheff Wed

Leeds Vs Sheff Wed

Blackpool Vs Sheff Wed

Sheff Wed Vs Ipswich

Peterborough Vs Sheff Wed

Sheff Wed Vs Middlesborough

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Guest Sheff Owl

As i said i only did a few teams and meant to leave out Ipswich's games and our match with them in bold, i wasn't doing every team.


So no mistake.

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Guest spongejosesquarejaw

We will all drive ourselves mad with endless staring at the fixtures & tables over the next 4  weeks. Just accept that barring an amazing run of wins for some of the strugglers its going to go down to the last day fixtures.


I think that we have effectively relegated Brizzle today......that was a must win for them. 7 points is a big gap to bridge at this late stage.


I also feel that one of Barnsley or Hudds or both will go, only one of them (or neither) can get max points with the final day fixture effectively a relegation decider.


We just need to keep picking up regular points and barring any catastrophes should be ok. 

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I've had a look at Middlesbrough's fixtures.  They aren't making the play-offs, not a chance, so that's a big plus for our last match.


Huddersfield have got a nightmare set of fixures; all those six-pointers are going to do damage to those around us (hopefully Huddersfield).


We just have make sure we beat Peterborough, Middlesborough, and probably Blackburn too.

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Fixtures that might seem tough for our rivals now may well be easier by the time they come around. If Bristol are done for, then they might well be less tricky opponents. Also teams who might be secure in the play off positions often rest players for the knock out games.

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