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If We Stop Up, He's Still Gotta Go.


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DJ made errors through the summer and the first few months of the season, but look at it since...

We are in a relegation battle with about 12 other teams and we're a newly promoted team.

If we stay up, we will have needed to finish above a relegated team that has got the record points total for a relegated side.

If we stay up he will have achieved his target in one of the biggest relegation fights in the most ridiculously tight league ever.

He will have achieved both his targets.

To sack him after that would be bordering on insanity.

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...and will you also promise not to come on OwlsTalk again when you stop watching the Owls?

<crosses fingers>.

Can't promise that pal, might pop on for made up transfer news or to read people going loopy about the next kit not being on sale so they can't take it on their summer hols.
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It's the general view on the terraces that he should go no matter wot happens

It's the flippingloopy uns on here that back him,

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Guest alwaysaowl

I would say he as to go he as had a season in the championship if he stays we will get more of the same next season

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Bunch of madheads on here. If we stop up that's a reyt achievement. One draw and Jones out? Starting to sound like flippingblunts fans.


If we stop up it will NOT be an achievement that Jones should be proud of - His team and tactics have got us into this awful position. Constantly setting up so defensively when we need POINTS and WINS to stay in this league. Jones and his team don't seem to have the nouse to play in their opponents half towards the end of matches. We invite teams on and suffer for it. Poor team and poor management.

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I don't think I'll ever be a jones fan because some of his decisions are truly baffling and I think he comes across as a pretty unlikeable bloke.

The Ogrady decision is something that will come back to bite him on the arse as well as all the rubbish players he brought to the club and either didn't play or refused to drop even though they were awful.

But the fact is we are stuck with him so we might as well get behind him.

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I know a lot of my fellow owls fans are clueless, but this thread is particularly dense, even for them.

Yeah, Can't belive we have only consolidated after miraculously getting promoted automatically last season.


THIS is NOT consolidation.

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Despite being gutted that we've conceded so late on today we've taken 4pys from 2 tricky games over Easter.

We were minutes away from a win and being around 17th/18th place with a game in hand on a few other teams.

Changing managers has really improved Bristol City and Huddersfield hasn't it.

Our aim is to stay up - we've got a good chance of doing it still and it's in our hands. All this 'it's been a farce' is so OTT it's ridiculous.

If we stop up he's passed his two objectives since arriving here - get us promoted and keep us in the Division.

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What part of there are 12 different teams at this stage that could be relegated don't you lot understand?

So the 9 that just stay up, do they sack their managers too, just because errrr... They stayed up?

It's fookin' ridiculous.

We're in a pack of teams that have far bigger budgets than us, that aren't newly promoted sides, that have been in the Championship for years... etc. etc.

What makes our achievement of staying up, any less than there's? And why on earth does that warrant the sack?

Crazy talk.

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