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If We Stop Up, He's Still Gotta Go.


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Posted · Hidden April 2, 2013 - Abuse
Hidden April 2, 2013 - Abuse

Can't we keep him and you fuck off instead?

Don't worry old boy, I ain't watching this shiit next year

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Agreed, either way he should be off.

This season has been one farce after another. I literally cannot wait for it to end.


This post is how I feel, no need for the aggresive 'Jones out' attitude. Lets stumble to safety and replace DJ in the summer. I'll be gutted if we start our season with DJ as manager and so will be good proportion of the fan base.

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Get us promoted from an almost impossible position, and then stop up the next year - and he should be sacked?

My god, I think you've got it
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Some people are unreal.


We could chop and change manager, or we could keep faith with a long term plan and aim to actually start achieving.


It takes time to realise a long term plan, when was the last time we really stuck by a manager to do just that?   


I'd have backed Megson long term, and I will back Jones long term.   Before those two, I never felt safe with any manager we had prior to Francis.   That's a rumbleing long time.

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