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Why Lita Shouldn't Be Dropped.

Guest Harry the Owl

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Guest Harry the Owl

Recently, there has been increasing numbers of people questioning Lita's ability or commitment.

I can understand that people were p!ssed off with him after the Barnsley game, especially as Madine won absolutely everything and Lita never really made the run in behind.

But, I don't see how Dave Jones can possibly drop him. He's easily the best goal scoring striker we've had since Steve Maclean. With the position we find ourselves in, one goal is often the difference between gaining or losing points e.g Barnsley.

While ever Lita is on the pitch we have a chance of scoring. He's a Michael Owen/Jermaine Defoe type player. He might be non existent throughout the match but still pop up with a goal.

He gives Jones a bit of leverage, knowing while ever Leroy's on the pitch we've got a goal threat. It makes me feel better knowing he's on the pitch.

2-0 Wednesday today. Lita and Madine.


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Drop Lita?

Crazy talk.

You know it brother, Lita should always start, ALWAYS.

Foresight, not hindsight, that is

gary megson

theowlsman - always right, never wrong. I knew we'd never hang on to Wickham. It was daft building an attack around him.

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He needs a goal.


He cannot really contribute as a hold up player, he loses the ball too often.


The way we played in the 1st half on sat, did not make Lita look good. 


He has the pace and instinct to get in the goals though, I anticipate a goal from him today.

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Guest Kagoshimaowl

It will be 4-5-1 today. You can't drop Madine after the Barnsley performance, therefore Lita has to make way. Logical if you ask me. (Prefer 4-4-2 me sen but there you go!)

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