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Sour Grapes

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They remind me of half the village sides we played last season, "you were lucky", "team full of thugs", "I'm glad I don't have to watch that hoofball every week", blah blah blah...

Barnsley... Just another village side with an inferiority complex.

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Guest PrincessWendy

They really should be concentrating on the next match, instead of whining on about what might have been. For goodness' sake, why don't they take a leaf out of Owlstalk's book and always be optimistic and ready to bounce back after a setback! :tongue:


Bless you

HRH Wendy

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Georgi Hristov, the Macedonian they signed in the late 90's, summed up Barnsley well....


Barnsley's homesick striker, Macedonian Georgi Hristov, says he is finding it hard to get a girlfriend in England because local girls are not pretty and drink too much.


Hristov, 21, who joined Barnsley from Partizan Belgrade for £1.5m last summer, is reported to have told a Belgrade sports magazine: "I'm finding it difficult to find a girlfriend in Barnsley, or indeed settle into a decent way of life."


"The local girls are far uglier than the ones back in Belgrade or Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, where I come from."


"Our women are much prettier. Besides, they don't drink as much beer as the Barnsley girls which is something I don't like at all."


"England is a strange country and I found it hard to adapt to living here. The main thing is that I am not on my own. To be honest I expected more of Barnsley as a town and a club."

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Guest Hatchethazza

I was most relaxed I've been at h'boro all yr yesterday, you could just tell we had the quality compared to them. Result was never in doubt from ko.

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