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Giles Coke

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For all the talk of our new CM pairing we were dire un the first half all route 1 to Madine.

Introductuon of Coke changed things for me and also JJ.

Coke seems happy with ball at his feet in tight situations and one of few who actually plays the ball to the feet of our strikers.

Got to play for me. Extremely poor till he came on.

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Changed the game completely


Played an intelligent ball to JJ who then played through Buxton for the goal


Won the free kick that lead to the goal after a brilliant run



team v bristol


I know everyone says Lee gets everywhere on the pitch but even he can't play in two positions..

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Impressed with him again. Our midfield has generally lacked someone who can drive forward and put the opposition defenders under a bit of pressure - Coke does that well. He's definitely got the talent, and I'm sure we'll see the application too in these last 8 games cos otherwise he'll be out of contract and probably faced with playing somewhere like Bury next season.

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