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Referees - What Is Going On With Them?

Guest Sheff Owl

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The thing is with referees you are asking them to do an impossible job.  They cannot see everything that happens and they will make mistakes.  I would argue you could probably throw a coin for most decisions and get as many right as what are seeing now.  In the olden days (only about twenty years ago) it wasn't that big a deal if decisions were wrong because a) there was not as much money riding on it and b) decisions were not able to be analysed on 50 inch 3D plasma screen TVs again and again.  


We have an archaic system of refereeing for the game it is being applied to.  Football has advanced faster than refereeing.  What is needed is technological assistance and a simplification of the rules.  A few quick suggestions that would improve the game overnight:

- Stop the clock when the ball is not in play and have matches played over two 30 minute halves.  Would cut time wasting out immediately.  

- Offside is offside.  

- Medical staff can enter the field of play at any moment without the game having to be stopped.  Once the physio is able to assess the situation he can decide whether to stop play.  Abuse of the rule leads to points deductions.  

- Goal line technology needs to be introduced.

- 4th official can make referee aware of incidents he has missed so he can officiate accordingly.

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Guest Foxhill Owl

The penalty the sending off poor decisions , buxtons first booking was a bad decision .

It's hard for referees both sets of fans on there backs , but just a little bit of consistency wouldn't go amiss , linesmen are outrageous to .

Think it was, and is the ref on Monday the same guy we had against Hudders last season namely Mr Deadman .

Yeah looks like Frankenstein .

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Ref was awful today, absolutely awful.

Really is about time that we used technology to help sort out the poor decisions.

Why the hell 7 1/2 mins added time ???? I was convinced we'd throw it away.

Only Wednesday can go from 2-0 up and have a penalty (wow did u see all the Barnsley fans go home at that point), to then miss it, have a player sent off let a goal in and have to survive nearly 8 mins injury time !! It was horrible. I hate football at moments like that. It's like being tortured

On a lighter note...... On 45th minute dingles were attacking and that idiot ref gave them a free kick on edge of area ( a free kick that no one appealed for or even saw except him ) he then made a real big deal about marching out the ten yards for our wall , only for the wall to be ten yards anyway. What a wee pipe

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Guest Obese Owl

Someone said it was the the same ref as Hudds at home, maybe that's why he gave us a pen for handball (that was never a pen) to make up for the one he gave against us in that match which was never handball either

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There is a serious disconnect between the refs and the authorities.


Simple as that really - the refs want to keep "ownership" of officiating but it needs to be done in conjunction with the demands of the game


They don't help themselves by being so inconsistent so often - and little is done about it - if anything


Decisions about fouls etc are opinions


Opinions will always be just that - and opinions can't be argued objectively - not while using the same context that the refs have to use at the time of the decision - ie, one look and a snap decision to be made.


It is a thankless task but they don't help themselves 

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Wasn't at the game but saw the incidents about half 5 on Soccer Saturday. Stelling was questioning the decisions and as they were playing you could hear  the pundits laughing at the decisions in the background. Said it all for me.

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Peterborough s 2 pens as blatant dives as you can get.

Charlton robbed Bolton as well with dives.

Bad day for refereeing.

Just seen the Charlton one he was on the floor before the other player touched him

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Sounds more like a bad day for the integrity of the game if players are just cheating all the time

That's one thing that isn't the fault of refs

What failing to spot blatant dives and give appropriate bookings to divers?

If the refs don't flip up the players don't try it on.

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Yeah like every dive is instantly recognisable


The authorities and player unions have got to try to put a stop to cheating on the scale we currently see it


Otherwise we will carry one seeing pens given for dives and yellow cards given for players who have been fouled because in short - refs cannot be 100% right 100% of the time and the amount of conning going on means there will be epic amounts of decisions being made on situations where there is no foul - just cheating

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Ref decisions ruin most of the game for me nowadays, I'd rather see refs making a quick decision based on video footage.


When we lose by silly referee mistakes its a kick in the balls.

When we win by a silly referee mistake it takes away from the victory..

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