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Dave Jones Pre-Barnsley Press Conference (Holden Signs)

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Guest intercity0wl

Dave Jones: "No calls on players going out" #swfc

Dave Jones: "I did show interest in Kevin Davies but it looks like he will stay at Bolton" #swfc

Be the same stumbling block as always, when it comes to us attracting proven quality.

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Guest Sweet&TenderOwl

Ah.....That Holden


Just what we need........another cowboy



Aye, he should feel at home with our cowboy builder lol

Not convinced with these signings, we still lack creativity and goals which could prove to be our downfall come the end of the season. Plus we lack quality in depth to cope with injuries and suspensions. It's been a crazy rollercoaster of a season at times we've mixed it with anyone in this divsion, at other times we've looked out of our depth and shoe in's for relegation. From feeling not very confident of our chances, we turned it around greatly and I became confident of our chances of survival but now I'm back to feeling unconfident, especially as we have failed to pull away despite our form. Just don't think we've got enough to stay up and it wouldn't surprise me if we did go down, however it's in our hands and we'll only have ourselves to blame but it'll probably go down to the wire. Who knows? But I fear the worst.

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Thanks for this link. Really enjoy listening to Jones in person and at length. It cuts through some of the hyperbole that gets generated around out of context quotes.

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