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we ought to get this fella

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Went to Mansfield vs Grimsby other night, one of Grimsby players got right in Stags keepers face and did a little dance, was quite an impressive dance actually but a blatant attempt to stop the keeper arranging his wall, dont like it myself.

Although there is probably some future in fans dangling their tails at the kick taker.

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have a look at the p-sstake one of the most brutal fowl ever , lol


Well spotted Trev  (hope you are well?)


It is everything that is wrong in football today......cheats of the highest order.   Video highlights of any potential cheats should be watched by an independent panel to catch these cheating bar stewards and their clubs.   Punish them with huge fines and long suspensions.  If a team is deemed to have gained by cheating in any way......diving to get free kicks and penalties, sendings off etc, award the game to the opponents...........Clubs will soon sort out their own problems. 


The only way to clean up the game.

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