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A long shot re: Hirsty

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but does anyone where I could read/watch an interview with Hirsty about his time at Wednesday towards the end of his Wednesday career. In particular I'd like to know about his opinions about the likes of Carbone (who he had a fight with didn't he??)


This probably doesn't exist but if someone does have something, or can shed light on any of what went on back then I'd be really interested to know what went DOWWWWWWWWN!!

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He did an interview in the Out Of The Blue fanzine about five years ago where he mentioned the Derby game. He gave Carbone credit for charging down the tunnel and offering him out at half time but he also said that when it had all simmered down he declined an offer from Beni and his wife to come to dinner. I get the feeling from reading between the lines that Hirst didn't like him much but was trying to be polite in the interview. I also seem to remember that Carbone was quite handy for a little bloke. Didn't he get sent off for nutting Kevin Gallacher when we got battered by Blackburn?

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