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Old man Bob from Radio Sheffield

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Guest wadsleyjackowl

How do you mean ?

I've not heard any of the RS presenters going on about themselves on the radio at all ?

You obviously don't listen then Neil. I listened last week on way home from work one night & Rob had a right row with someone as he didn't agree with their opinion. I want someone who just guides the program not IS the program! In the end it was that cringe worthy IMPO I put radio Hallam on instead and listened to some poo dance music as it was more preferable than listening to an argument. I want opinion on my football phone in with counter opinion...NOT presenters having a hissy fit.

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Guest Deleted member

They don't challenge opinion though.


Only opinion that goes against the opinion they are allowed to have - otherwise they won't get any more interviews.


If I rang up praising Dave Jones through our recent bad spell - can you honestly say they would have challenged me?

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Guest wadsleyjackowl

You prefer Hallam FM to a show that challenges the views of a caller?


I'm all for challenging views of callers....BUT when it's around 2 mins of one person against another ( the presenter & the caller)...not letting the other talk & trying to out-shout each other to get the next point in......that's not entertainment....it's not even a discussion...it's an ARGUMENT!

Challenge callers points by all means...but arguing on the radio is just embarrassing!

And yes Hallam FM playing music I don't even like was more preferable than listening to an argument.

Suppose I'm just not of the Jezza Kyle generation.

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Going back to Bob, he used to own a wholesale fruit and veg business on the old Parkway Market. Quite a character but a thoroughly top bloke. His son Richard owns the scoop foods stall at Crystal Peaks. Bob invented Praise or Grumble and had regular callers who were as strange as Brian the Blade and Paul the Miller (whatyermacallit). There was a lady doctor who used to call in every week and praise every club but I can't remember her name.

He used to play the marching band music to "get someone a goal", which usually did.

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