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Antonio or Marshall?

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I'm not saying Antonio is better or worse but people rave on about what marshall was like for us in league one.

Obviously he's going to shine in that division.So did Antonio and he's not doing too badly for us in this one.

Another thing.Antonio is more versatile.

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Guest swfc4_1

I prefer Antonio,hes faster and more powerful than Marshall. And he has scored more goals than Ben10, despite playing 16 games less... 

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Antonio is a different kind of player - but his game is a lot more about terrifying defenders than Marshall's. He breaks width more effectively and runs across the line of defenders - i know Watford were terrified of him the other night and i know scouting reports had earmarked him as dangerous - so it proved


Come on fella's - we all appreciate Ben10 and what he did for us - but England?!?!


He needs to start ripping up this league before he's talked about as either premier or England class


Currently nowhere near - he is a million miles behind the likes of Zaha, Lennon, Walcott, Oxlade, Milner, Johnson et al. 


If i had to choose one it would be Antonio - no question.


Good point Scram but (in my opinion) pace seems to be much more a valued trait than it ever has been in football. All the players you have mentioned (except for Milner) are very quick and have a decent final ball. Antonio delivers one good ball in six and it's his biggest area of concern. If he works on that then one day he may player at a higher level.

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Without either last season we would still be in League 1


Without Antonio this season we would be heading back to League 1


Ben 10 is the more complete player IMO but Antonio is integral to our playing style, his commitment and workrate is stupendous and I think he is fast becoming our most important permanent signing since Chris Brunt.

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