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Antonio or Marshall?

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Guest theowls 93

Annoying as flip people clapping and singing his name today. He only played a bit part role in our success last season, Antonio was far more important. He hardly acknowledged us at Hillsborough and he's a money grabber, flip him

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marshall is a w@n#er, why do we persist in clapping him yet booing our own players???????????  why did the majority clap him every time he came towards us to take a corner... with the aim of scoring AGAINST us /????????????? F##KING MORONS !!!










ps he was SH!TE too !!!!!!    :biggrin:   :biggrin:   :biggrin:  not fit to lace antonios boots

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Guest wadsgod

I'm a big Ben fan, but on that showing today we got the better man.

Antonio as raw as ever was a constant thorn in their side. Marshall on the other hand was ineffective

Antonio every time because he's our player
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Becoming firmly established in the championship - BM not really fully cemented his place at Leicester despite catching the eye with some of his shots and goals. He may be the victim of Leicesters bigger squad and knack of chopping and changing their team

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