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It's nearly time for a party...

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We're getting close to safety now.. 

Next season could be EPIC

I was thnking the same


Always good when you have a squad that performs well against the top teams in the division. Shows real signs of promise.


We've been inconsistent this season because we brought in a lot of players and we had a bit of inexperience in this division. Next time we'll be a year older and wiser. If DJ can strengthen in key areas during the summer and bring in quality rather than quantity, coud be a very interesting season.

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We're still in the poo poo, big time

Give over.

Four points of relegation and just beaten a team who have spent ridiculous amounts of money to try and get promoted.

We are not far off and people who think we're still in a battle need to have some faith and belief in the squad and staff.

We're going to cruise to safety.

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