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Bristol City Away

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Afternoon All,



I've been a long term admirer of the forum but brand new member so be gentle. :rolleyes:


I have been a Wednesdayite from birth (born in Chapeltown but now living in Bristol) and for obvious reasons dont make it to very many home games. The last one being MK Dons in the cup which was quite a let down.


Taking location into account I have always enjoyed attending the away matches and was thoroughly looking forward to the upcoming Bristol City game. We always seem to do quite well at Ashton Gate.


However..... My work colleagues have informed me that City fans will be paying just £10 (£3 under 16) for this match whilst we cough up £22 (£10 under 16) for the pleasure of watching Wednesday through from what can only be described as a barn. I recall this happening before (Middlesborough i think?).


As far as I am aware Bristol City's average attendance is in the region of 13,000 in a 21,000 seater stadium. Even at £10 I dont think they will sell more than £16,000. I feel the allocation and pricing is a little bit of a slap in the face for us.


On another note, Bristol City fans now share the away stand with the travelling support (this is relatively new for them) with the view to creating a better atmosphere. City fans do use this as an opportunity to throw missles and generally try to indimidate so I'd advise arriving early with kids to move to the left side of the stand away from the netting. Bigger boys should be ok!






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I stand corrected on the 'sharing' of the stand being relatively new...


But they are definately creeping across closer to the away following. It should be a great atmosphere and I only hope these make it to general sale.


City also dislike Lita with a passion.... which should make for interesting viewing.

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