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So what players in this league are we impressed with ?

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Guest Sniper1

Chris Kirkland..



Can't believe how massively people over rate Jack Butland...................................................

Could it be down to the England call up?




His move to the Premier League?


These people like Tony Pulis and Roy Hodgson know nothing.

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Players i've been impressed with:


Foriestieri- fantastic against us at Hillsborough, and scored two against us the other night.


Guiediora and Reid- Both from Forest, were superb last week. Reid's movement was Premier League class and Guiediora had everything, the complete midfielder.


Marshall- We know what he is capable of and at Hillsborough he looked a constant threat down the wing and topped it off with a goal. Hopefully he's fairly quiet today.


Mackail Smith-  Always impressed with him, just looks dangerous when he's on the ball.


Brady- From Hull, not against us, but I've seen him a few times and has such an engine on him, great signing for Hull that.


Shackell- Defender from Burnley, solid as a rock.


Jamie Ward- Very good player, shame he always gets injured.

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Guest Kagoshimaowl

Butland was poo against us at Hillsbro'. Fooked up by dropping a clanger for Reda's goal and should have saved Rodri's strike as well!

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Interesting looking at these names, most are on loan, although some were originally championship players who were sold, and then loaned back. Just shows the value of the loan system, don't knock it.

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Guest JonTheOwl66

Butland is ridiculously over rated, I don't see what all the fuss is about with him. Bond is better.

So is Kirkland.

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Guest zico sterland

Rhodes at Blackburn looks quality again,Vydra at Watford,and Reid of Forest was top class against us.

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