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Happy Birthday Oscar!

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59 today - how did that happen?  In the dark days in the 3rd Division in the 1970's one bright star was my boyhood hero Rodger Wylde who looked morelike he should have been playing lead guitar in Led Zeppelin.  Joining Wednesday as an apprentice he played in 193 games scoring 66 goals and he knew how to celebrate a goal!  Nice to see him back at S6 recently.


AND yes I know this is a bit gay!


Rodger in early 1970s
















Profile of Rodger at Stockport where he has been Physio since 1988.



AND after all these years he IS A ROCK STAR!





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Off the wall fact:-  Rodger is a marmalade freak , like me, we met by chance at the marmalade in Morrisons@Meadowhead a while back. The talk was all of thick v thin shredded and extolling the virtues of  reduced sugar types.

When I got home I could have kicked myself for not asking him about what went off back in the day. He came across as a very nice bloke and just the sort you could have a drink with.

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