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They flew in to Manchester airport yesterday afternoon. 2 of the lads was  working here the  last time, I took them  to the Hull Match at S6.The first thing the 2 lads said to me was "Wednesday Till we die" that was it .brought i tear to the eye ! its a 50/50 split on picnik as i call him they do to now after last time .

but end off the storey iam trying to get all 14 down for the Cardiff game on the 16th .so if you here ny strange eastern europen accents were all wednesday arnt we! Were MASSIVE IN SOLVENIA! UTO

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Oh God ive just read this back  .Sorry folks

Id been on the pop with em from about 6.feel like poo lol

main points MASSIVE In Solvenian!


bring hopefully as many as poss to the cardiff game UTO

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