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Our best formation

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I'm not a season ticket holder, so perhaps their are others better qualified than me on this forum but from what I see we don't look like a 4 4 2 side.

For me playing 2 up front just doesn't look right. Our strength lies with being big and powerful and we need space for our midfielders to run into between the opposing teams midfield and defence.

As such I think we should be playing 4 5 1 and be prepared (even at home) to sit back, soak up pressure and play on the break.

I appreciate that with Wickham and Lita DJ might feel pressure to play them both up front, but I would sooner see one of them up front and one sat on the bench waiting to make an impact later in the game if needed.

I can't make my mind up as what our ideal 5 midfield would be, but ideally I would like to see Helan, Antonio and JJ in there as I see pace as our greatest asset.

I do concede that these 3 players can easily disappoint and their decision making and shooting can be very frustrating, but despite this I think pace and power is where we are most able to hurt teams.

One player who often seems to attract quite a lot of praise on this forum is Buxton. Personally I worry about Buxton - for me he lacks a yard of pace and when he's having a tough game I can see his confidence fading.

Not too sure who would be a better solution at right back so perhaps that's why he keeps getting picked.

With respect to last nights game Forest were obviously far more comfortable in possession, but our second half display showed that we do have qualities that will frighten teams at this level.

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