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Christ, you can tell we were on telly last night.

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we were poor, sat with neutral fans watching it and felt myself cringing on how uncreative we were, only seem to have a plan A


You thought we had a plan A?

We also badly need Reda back. 


This :reda:

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Guest zico sterland

That Forest team last night cost millions to assemble,they have been in or around the play offs for 4 or 5 seasons.It is not a disgrace to be beaten by teams like them ,it is part of the learning curve and shows us the level to which we need to aspire to.Forest are a good side in top form at present so the result and performance wasnt that bad (first half poor ) as we are far from the finished article.

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I went last night and I can assure everyone that we were as sh*te as it came across the TV. 


Forest are a superior side to us (quite a few teams are if we're honest with ourselves), but our inability to string two passes together/create chances was a bit depressing. 


Me and the people I sit with decided to count Kirkland's passback to their keeper as a shot. 

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