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As I don't get chance to see much of Wednesday through work an kids last nights game was a good chance for me to look at the new players plus the old generals coming back.for me wickham did absolutely nothing apart from win 1 or 2 headers.lita looked to be trying to hard to be the goal hero there was a few times maybe he could have rolled wickham in,maybe that's why wickham didn't do nothing.coke an Prutton were 2 yards or more away from a man every time which game Forrest time to pick there passes with ease.i don't rate Pugh on last nights game but as people say you can't rate on just one game.all these bad points yet we only lost 1-0 to a side that on paper should command a top 8 spot.i don't think it's all doom an gloom from here on but to play that bad and against a side with the experience of Reid an the quality of Lansbury who last time I saw against Wednesday for watford absolutely tore us a new one isn't a bad result to be fair.i think we are missing reda an that extra spark in midfield which I thought Corry looked decent enough to fill but he's on loan.i know this was our chance to move up an tale advantage of other teams losses but when do Wednesday ever do that and especially on tv.now we need to get that energy back that people have been talking about and kick on to the next game

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