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We simply don't have the players to get it down. None of the midfield and most of the defence are clumsy and uncomfortable on the ball and the movement amongst the players is non existent. I think it really is a case of seeing this season out then hopefully getting some proper players in because right now a naked Susan Boyle is more pleasing on the eye.

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Never won a tackle.

Never won a 2nd ball.

Never strung two passes together.

Coke and Prutton chasing shadows all game.

And why is it every team comes to Hillsborough and passes and moves. We can't pass a ball.


Count yerself lucky pal - you are Wednesday & soon you'll be back in the top flight where you belong.

I support Hereford & we'll be watching rounduns forever.

I know where we stand - and I know where you're going - love to meet up again - us non league, you top flight. MOTD. All the best from the west country. Don't worry - yer goin in the right direction! We're not but who cares - we just love the FA Cup.

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