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Mel Sterland

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Mel was a legend of mine and once turned up at our house at 2am in morning with my dad dragging me and my brother out of bed to meet who he had brought home from the pub, I was only about 10 and my hero was sat in my living room lol

Years later I was doing a soccer camp for RUFC in the late 90s, mel was out of work and started to do some coaching for us. A young ginger kid with glasses was the butt of everyone's jokes all week and mel nicknamed him chris Evans, one day mel decided to do a massive penalty shoot-out! Every kid got a life and mel got a life, miss your out, he told them all about his PK record and said if any kid beat him he would buy them all a mars bar, when kids were out they took it in turns in the net. It was down to Mel and last 2 kids and it was chris Evans turn in goal and meld PK. 2 lads scored so mel had to score or buy 120 mars bars, he blasted it straight down the middle expecting chris Evans to dive out of the way, instead he stood, shut his eyes and let the ball smack him straight in the dial, followed by a bust nose, broken glasses and a mass pile on from 120 kids lol, chris Evans was a hero and mel bought the mars bars. LEGEND!!!

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Glyn is a top lad he used to work in Anston at the local butchers and drink in the Leeds arms. He once got me a signed masters shirt with amongst others gazzas signature on it. Where is he working now ?

His brother works in Batty's Butchers at Woodseats..Drinks in the Woodseats Palace.

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