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VIDEO - Milan Mandaric... laid back.. calm.. collected.. in control

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What a guy.

You can tell he finds the talk of him being "trigger happy" or whatever else with managers frustrating. Based on his time here I'm inclined to think its another one of these football myths. He stuck with Jones, arguably left Irvine too late and I don't think anybody can say with a straight face he got the Megson sacking wrong.

I also agree with him regarding our fans support of Jones. Owlstalk is used by thousands of people but inevitably ends up being an echo chamber. At the matches themselves I always thought Jones has had good level of support. Our fans didn't turn on the manager en masse at games or chant for his departure, as far as I can ever recall.

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I dont like this "going away" talk.



His history points to the fact that he sticks around for four or five years at most and then sells on. 


It is also worth noting that he is pretty old now is our Milan (75?). 


Finally there is probably realisation that to compete at the top end of the Championship nowadays you need to throw money at it that Milan may not be able to afford or willing to spend.

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Looks like he wants to sell. Hmm, when I win the New York Lottery this weekend, I will buy the club. I'm also thinking of asking Neil to be the International Ambassador for the club. What about hiring the "goal machine Madine" as his #2?



we have been for sale at the right price ( don't know that figure) since day 1 

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Milan's entire reason to be here is to make the club a more attractive investment and sell us on for a profit.

We know this. It was made pretty crystal clear when he bought us.

In a lot of ways he's already accomplished this. If he can find us a buyer similar to those he sold Leicester too then we should be looking forward to it (although it'll be sad when Milan leaves)

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