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Player of the Season (bit early, but who is your pick?)

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Guest Foxhill Owl

It's very hard , this season is one of the most difficult to pick for a long time , Llera been a rock at the back , and he's also chipped in with some very important goals , Buxton excellent as always : Antonio people slate him but most of the season he was our main attacking threat , assists and goals say it all for me .

Gardner excellent

Kirkland ditto

Coke ?

Prutton ?

Lita if he carrys on chipping in with the goals .

Only if we had Gardner and Llera when they were 25

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Im going for Prutton.  


At the beginning of the season after roughly 16 players coming in, most thought Prutton's time with us was over especially after being shipped out on loan to the lower divisons.


Before Prutton's arrival in the first team fold, we were in complete freefall.  


He brought the team together as a unit on the pitch.


No other player has had as much impact from being deemed surplus to requirements.


That headed clearance off the line in the final few minutes of the dingles game ensured that we picked up a massive and much needed win, at a time when we couldnt win a game, on a massive losing streak and when all the fans were shouting DJ out.

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Guest Bri The owl

"LEWIS BUXTON" even when getting stick from some of our "knobhead" fans he never hid,he as been consistent and proved he is a very good championship player !!

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Now the season has seriously progressed for us, there's a lot of names:


Kirkland, Gardner, Prutton, Coke, Reda, Antonio have all been great at various points in the season.


Kirkland for me though - hasn't put a foot wrong. Even now can't attribute an opposition goal to his error and I imagine he's one of the only, if not THE only keeper to be able to say that this season - possibly in any league

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Prutton, Coke, Reda, Lita etc. haven't played the amount of games the likes of Buxton, Antonio, Kirkland, Gardner etc. have so I don't think they should be anywhere near that lot in the running for player of the season.

It's a difficult one...

I'd probably go Buxton, but Antonio, Kirkland and Gardner have all had very good seasons so far. But Lewis has not only been our most consistent player for three years and could and would have deserved to win it any of the others two, this season he's proved to the boo boys and doubters that he is a good enough player for this level now. He's so consistent and he's one of our leading assist makers from right back.

So Lewis Buxton for me.

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