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JJ Day

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So when are we having a day for our current longest serving player?

There's loads of potential for a JJ Day. Jamaican flags, JJ masks, singing about being faster than Bolt etc, maybe the odd dreadlocks wig. Our more rotund fans can even come as John Candy from Cool Runnings.

Needs to be a Saturday away trip where we are likely to take decent numbers, which leaves Leicester, Leeds and Peterborough. We might be a bit pre-occupied with twitchy bums and nerves at Peterborough if this relegation scrap continues, so might have to scratch that unless we're already safe a week or two before. Leicester or Leeds.. I vote Leicester.

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I actually agree that they should be reserved for special occassions.

However, I don't think a second in one season is pushing things that far. This is also suggested on the special circumstances that, as mentioned in the OP, JJ is our current longest serving player, and I think it'd be nice for him to get some proper recognition before he potentially leaves at the end of the season (I hope he stays for at least another year, but he might not).

He'd love it as well I'm sure.

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JJ deserves some credit. There's been times when he's been the only attacking threat we've had (I know that's scary, but it's true).

The lad also bleeds blue and white and has so much love for the club and us fans.

We should definately have some sort of JJ appreciation event. We'll miss him when he's gone

It could potentially be a very colourful affair too

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are these days limited only to players who have contributed nothing / very little to this season ?!?!?! or in jj's case the last 6???

Shutup u muppet.

He's a loyal servant who's turned in some cracking performances over the years. Not the most consistent but on his day a quality player, as the video above proves.

Name me one other player since the premiership days who scores goals like JJ?

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If JJ is set to leave last game of the season should be JJ day and if safe from relegation we play JJ up front on all pens, free kicks and corners as captain  lol



So many fans leaving with blood streaming from their noses, the horror

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