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Central Midfield

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I reckon we are one or two players away from being a promotion contending team. Not this season but next.


As well as Prutton and Coke have played recently I think central midfield is the key area.


IMHO George Boyd would have been perfect.


Who else is there out there  with the right experience and creativity to bolster the squad in that area?


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I'd say to begin with we're 4 strikers short.

Lita and Wickham aren't ours, COG is on his bike and Madine is way out of his depth in this league.

This needs resolving first before we add to our midfield and defence for next season.


Fair point, really hope we can sign Lita. If we stay up MM should show his intent by signing him. A la Antonio last season. Maybe our new best mates Man Citeh will lend us someone to replace Wickham and help in other areas. But we need an experienced creative central midfielder.

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Guest Big Guns

Pruttons past it and coke played well but on two occasions failed to play the killer ball through to lita on another day that could have been costly

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I don't particularly agree with the OP.


If you look at our squad, Lita, Wickham, Pugh and Helan are all here on loan so will go back. That leaves us with COG (not good enough) and Madine (needs more game time, definitely can't rely on him for goals all season).


For me, I'd be looking to replace Prutton. Him and Coke have done well but surely that's only a makeshift midfield. We need another winger at least with only Antonio, Lee and JJ able to play there now. McCabe will be a regular next season I believe but we need someone competing in there with him and Coke as I still think Corry needs more game time on loan.


Our CB needs sorting out too. Gardner is quality but him, Taylor & Llera are into their 30's and we may need more cover if we want to be competing for the play offs, Gardner will no doubt pick up more knocks.


I'd be hoping to see:


3 strikers (2 permanent, 1 on loan)

1 winger

1 central midfielder

1 centre back

1 left back (cover for Reda)


Maybe not all permanent but definitely some season long loan signings so we aren't left short midway through the season. 

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Guest UpTheOwlsss

next season id like to see a center mid who can burst forward and getsort of 8 or 9 goals

prutton and coke are class at what they do but how many games have they been together in this run? combined i think its about 10 games and they havent scored any between them

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At the moment, with the way we play, we can't afford a stroller picking passes, not with a 2 man central midfield, unless we could find one who can also get a foot in. Coke who is now more consistent, has the talent and may become that type of player. It's weird, I came away from the game thinking we were really lacking in midfield, but on reflection for the type of game we play, Coke and Prutton were pretty effective. Always harrying the opposition, getting a block or a tackle in, a lot of unseen stuff. If I had to fault them, they both gave the ball away too much.

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