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Get Out Of The Fooking Way Ref!

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Did a good step over from one of their through balls.

Got clattered by Prutton?


No real major contentious decisions to give.


You have to blame the linesman for the throw in. Clear view of it and hadn't a clue.


Over all ref had a reasonable game I've seen far far worse.

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One of the worse ref performances at Hillsborough for a long time, and the poor standard we have had to put up with shows how bad it was.

Nowhere near the worst refferee down here.

Bar getting in the way a couple of times what did he do wrong?

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Guest intercity0wl

Another absolutely poo ref.

How many times did he get in the way of the game?

Forever looking at the linesman before making decisions and still managed to get one throw-in unbelievably wrong.


Getting in the way seems to come easy to Mr Bates.

Mr Bates made the news in February 2010, when he took charge of the game between Coventry City and Nottingham Forest at the Ricoh Arena. After a collision with Sammy Clingan, the Coventry midfielder, in the 70th minute, he had to leave the pitch with a calf problem.

Amy Fearn, one of Tony's assistants, replaced him, becoming the first woman to referee a Championship match.

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Thought he showed some nice touches. Should have been booked for the foul on Prutton though.

Got away with it by feigning injury himself. A stronger ref would have booked him.

Not the worst at Hillsborough by a long way. That's not to say he was good

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Liked the way he referreed. Let things go generally which makes a change for refs these days.

He was just a bit slow and couldn't get out of the way.

Would rather have a slow ref than one who pulls his card out every minute for ponsy tackles and dives.

It was annoying how his interventions kept going their way!

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