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You're almost questioning his attitude with the 'become comfy, drop him, earn his place' type angle. I personally put it down to him being off form a little at moment, tiredness and illness may have come into it (especially last night), but even though he's not been at his best this past few weeks, he's still delivered an assist or a goal or both. This is why he starts, because he influences games.

I think considering our almost over reliance on him this season and the fact it's his first full season at this level and that he's played almost every minute of every game, he's had a remarkably good season for one still inexperienced and on the young side.

Whenever he's fit, he should start. Be it right wing, left wing or up front. There arn't many players who have an impact at this level as consistently as Antonio in terms of goals AND assists.

He's our best and most important player.

(but DJ should sub him occasionally if hea struggling - like last night)

I ma not questioning his attitude at all...far from!! I just think e have relied on him way to much this season to deliver every single game when we all know it is impossible! I would never question his application or attitude...every thing about his approach is second to none. I think you might have over thought my comment there mate.


I just think the last few games has seen him become very overworked, tired and but i also think that in everywalk of life you do become content at times and need a push again (there is nothing wrogn with that...its human nature).


No one can argue with his stats and even his performance at times. leading assists (in the division) and top scorer for us...everyone should be pleased with that!! But please DJ dont ruin him for the last 10/15 games. We need a fit and hungry Antonio not a content and very tired one!!

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Anybody who says JJ is throw really wants to take a good hard look at whether they should contribute on football forums a bit like the idiots who comment on matches when they havent been.


JJ last night and always when he comes on instantly puts defenders on the back foot and creates room for other attackers by doing that, He has to be started occasionally and imo is very much like for like with Antonio but quicker.

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