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Goal music

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Watching palace highlights and its making me realise just how much goal music makes me want to stab myself in the neck. Not only that but the announcer saying the players name then repeating their first name to get the crowd to repeat it is cheesy as ****. Please tell me this sort of yank drivel does not have a place in the future of football because i would think twice about my season ticket if I knew I was going to be subjected to such cheesy shlte

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Guest GreenGoose

"Der derrrrr, der der der derrr derrr derrr der der der der der derrrr, der der der der-der, der der-der, der der-der, der der derrrrrr"

We don't need it.

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It removes any real atmosphere. I detest it, I think most football fans do. You can't manufacter a good football atmosphere, its impossible.

Goal music along with cheerleaders should be banned from all football grounds.


By this, you'd still allow the Sheffield Wednesday Community Dance Troupe... They aren't cheerleaders!


As for goal music, it's tacky, horrible, tinpot stuff.

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