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Official No Match Day Thread

Guest Johnbloodaxe

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Guest Johnbloodaxe

Damn DIY for me this afternoon...


I'm beside myself with the gap that the lack of a match has on my Saturday...


I may even get dragged out to do shopping.




Whoi else is having a "don't know what to do with myself" day.


At least in summer you can go out and have a decent walk or a day out to somewhere.. go to a garden look at the flowers etc..


Pie: nowt

Drink: loads

Attire : an overwhelming gloom..

Length of stud: about 6'3" and drooping heavily...

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Filled bird feeders.

Quick dash upstairs due to effects of last nights very nice Indian.

Off to Clitheroe in a bit.

Have a drive around.

Probably a spot of lunch.

Pictures later followed by a couple in ex-local.

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Guest Distraught!

Five lads from Limerick flying across for Non Match Day. Few bevvies before the Non Match, then at 3:00 pm, they are going to take their place up on the Kop, sing "If you don't fookin' bounce, you're a Blade" until 5:00pm then go back to the airport to fly home. Expecting a great day out!

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Took my son to play for St Annes U7s, came back, and just made bacon and egg sarnies with a nice mug of coffee.

I'm going to spend this afternoon sorting out my fishing tackle, and making up some rigs, to be ready for my match fishing season.

Also got to get my Merlin photo pass sorted out this afternoon at Blackpool Sea Life Centre, so we can take the kids to Alton Towers next week, and promised the Mrs I'd put the washing away whilst she runs our shop today.

Happy to report the kids have no homework this weekend, so don't need to get bogged down with that. I shall still listen to the other football today, checking my fantasy footie predictions (just got my latest win at the one at work - £52), and intend to have a pie and a Magners at half time.

Always plenty to do me. Don't understand people who say they're bored. They should take up fishing to fill in the summer months.

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