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Celebrate the oppositions goals

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Had a right idea...

How about whenever the opposition scores (and I mean every single time no matter what the score) we celebrate it as though it were the winning goal in an FA Cup Final


Itd be unique, fun, create atmosphere without the band being needed for it, would stun the opposition, put our club on the map, and would mean an end to premium numbers for the ticket office

Its genius

Next time the opposition scores GO MENTAL !!!


Owlstalk Shop




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Something similar but slight different...when wolves got relegated last year, it was on MOTD and all there fans were that fvcked off with what was happening they sang 'lets pretend we scored a goal...lets pretend we scored a goal' counted down and then celebrated like they had won the fa cup!!! The Everton fans didn't know what was going off...absolute class (maybe you had to watch it???) doesn't sound the same trying to explain!!!

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Guest JunglisticOwl

or how about this.


The opposition scores and a very small section of the Kop cheers, the rest of the Wedsnesday fans get confused and angry and someone gets punched.

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How about going one step step further and doing in when they have the away game for home fans at Hillsborough and they fill the west stand with Wednesday fans. They could go mental then start singing "We're the away fans, We're the away fans, you're not, you're not" to the away fans. 




Nothing like giving the opposition as much help as possible!!!

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