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Song Thread - Time To Make A Difference

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All the recent talk about the band has seen the fan base split on whether they should stay or go. One thing that has been complained about is the fact they play the same songs over and over again. As mentioned in another topic, at half time the band were confronted about this and they have said if any suggestions are made about new songs then let them know and they will try them out.


So instead of complaining about them, why not make a difference and try and come up with a few new songs?


We had a topic pre season about player songs in which the Semedo and Llera songs were suggested so this can be constructive. 


I'll start with a few suggestions:


Bob Marley - Get Up, Stand Up


Get Up, Stand Up,

Stand up for Wednesday!



Elvis - Devil In Disguise


We're Sheffield Wednesday,(We're Sheffield Wednesday)

The famous Sheffield Wednesday, (The famous Sheffield Wednesday)

The massive Sheffield Wednesday and when we scorrrreeeeee,

We'll go barmy everywhere, (At this point we can jump around like crazy)

And over there,

And over there....





Over to you lot, any idea is welcome, funny or otherwise. It's all a bit of fun and maybe a chance to come up with a classic.


Note: No talking about whether the band is good/bad. This is about songs. Anything else and this bloke will knock you the f@ck out :madine:

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But hey, It hasn't  stopped us stealing songs and tunes from other clubs fans In the past, the tunes(the band first played) we nicked from Holland worked well, then everything since then, both the band and our dour boring home support have kinda well got embaressing to be honest, but then again In the last decade or so we aint really had much to get excited and cheer and sing about, have we?....


Really feel for you guys trying to organise something, hope it works could do with a decent atmosphere for more than 2 minutes at S6, but it soons drains away to a few voices that's the prombles..


Agreed, personally think everyone who enters the stadium should be made to carry a decibelometer, which if it drops below a good solid chant sound level, would result in their ejection from the stadium. That'd get the old lady rocking..

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Here are my ideas. 


Jeremy Helan: To the chorus of Robbie Williams' classic 'Angels'. 

And there he gooooeeessss 
Running down the wing
The fastest man I've ever seen 
Oooooh it's Jeremy Helan

And when he scores a gooooaaaalll
We will all embrace him
So nobody can take him
We'll hold him in our arrrrmmmmsss

Du du du du duuuuu (this could be harmonised by some backing singers, or potentially have just one stand sing this part) 

I'm loving Ron Jeremy Helan



Michail Antonio: To the tune of 'Mysterious Girl' by Peter Andre.


Oooooooooooh oooooooooooooh ooh Michail Antoniooooooo, I want to get close to you, put your body next to mine. 

Oooooooooooh oooooooooooooh ooh Michail Antoniooooooo, stay close to me all night, hold me oh so tight



Leroy Lita:


He's big, he's black, he's leading our attack Litaaaaaaaa Litaaaaaaaa



Lewis Buxton:


Buckooooooooooo, Buckooooooooooooo, Buckoooooooooo



Keiran Lee:


Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee



Giles Coke: To the chorus of Y.M.C.A.


Gi C Coke, lets hear it for Gi C Coooooooooke,


He gets the ball, he'll score a goal, then hang out with all the boooooys

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We know how it feels to be massive

They know how it feels to be small

We're the Wednesday boys, making all the flipping noise

Whilst the piggies take their shoes off down the Lane...


We know how it feels to be massive

They know how it feels to win **** all

We're the Wednesday boys, making all the flipping noise

Whilst the piggies go and **** it up again...



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