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Today's ref - Oliver Langford

Guest SWFC10

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You lot moaning about the ref, are you expecting a chap in a blue and white hat or something? He got every decision of any importance right today, first time for a while I haven't shouted some abuse at a ref.

Those saying worst ever, must have missed last seasons game against Charlton. And Huddersfield. And this seasons against Huddersfield. And Bristol city. Just of the top of my head.

And any match Trevor kettle has reffed.

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Guest intercity0wl

On a par with d'urso/kettle?

Wasn't nearly as bad as them 2 imo

Give him time.

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That linesman was hilarious, took him 20 seconds each time there was a throw in. He could never decide who to give it to.


Nowadays linesmen don't decide who to give throws to. They simply indicate that the ball has gone out of play, then although they are often much closer to the incident, they look to the ref to see which way to give it. That is why there are so many controversial decisions made.


I can't understand why they are called assistant referees, when their assistance is so often ignored.

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He used common sense.

Gave a free kick once he decided no advantage.

Gave players a lecture and a free kick after a foul, and didn't flash his yellow card about unneccessarily (apart from possibly in Wickham's case)


Helped by both teams giving it all, but getting on with it when a decisions was given against them.

Can you imagine the seven minute protest that would have followed had that penalty been given against Brighton the week before !


Or the reaction their players would have given, had one of them had their head kicked by Helan (rightly no card, and all credit to the Derby guy for not making a meal of it).


 A refreshing change after the Seagulls' antics. 

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Guest wadsgod

Absolutely shocking. One of the worst refs ever in my opinion today.

Agree he was an absolute arse, but the worse ref will always go to Andri Marriner. I'm still seething at his performance to this day.
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