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Loan window opens tomorrow who's coming in?

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O'Neill looking to get Connor Whickam out on loan saying he wants him playing games. With DJ's comments about a settled front two, would he get games here? It would mean changing the system to accommodate him, and we've seen what happened when we tried to do that when Barkley was here.

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Guest Theboylangers

Could be further out than the UK and then it's anyones guess.

I'm pretty happy with the team now though. It would have to be some real badass signing to diarupt the team I think.

Probably Helan would drop out.


I once diarupted. It was very painful.

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Guest Johnbloodaxe

Whats Conner Wickham got to do with a bloody shopping trolley from the east... he's blooody Irish isn't he..


thats west and they don't have supermarkets there,  just farms and a Galtee factory...

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