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Where are all the Wednesday's Trophies?

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Here is a photo of something more elusive that Chris Maguire in a Wednesday shirt!


Clearly not up to  Barcelona, Liverpool or Man.Ure's pile of silverware (and some of them are glass!) - evidence that there was once a trophy cabinet at Hillsborough.  If you go on a ground tour they are nowhere to be seen and if you ask the guide he says he has no idea where they are.


This photo is from a programme at Christmas in 1984 when Bert McGee was Chairman so sometime between then and now they have vanished. I suspect during the South Stand re-development when Diddy Dave R was in charge.


Anyone have any ideas what is in the cabinet or where they are gone ?







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Guest cypress hill

it's one of those isn't it, do you bother building a cabinet to hold, well... not much or just save yourself the embaressment and don't bother.



Bit like baldy buying extra large condoms just to impress the girls behind the counter at Boots.


or if you really need em :biggrin::ghoulguy:

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