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North Stand Sun Shade

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Should the North Stand have a massive see through sun shade curtain draped down over the front of it to prevent the need for the 'North Stand Salute' ?


It could be sponsored by Darbarrr and have images of naan bread and chicken jhalfrezi projected onto it at half time



Owlstalk Shop




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Amazing pic mate - that sky was incredible

Is it only when you're old you recognise stuff like this, took some snaps the other week up in the hills when we had the snow down, flippingmint pictures I took if I say so my self

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Guest Big Guns

I didn't say I recognised it

You showed it us and told us about it - I wouldnt have recognised it myself or owt

I'm not old

I'm not over 50

It was senwar who showed it us

Are you sure your not over 50

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