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Player ratings yesterday

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Drove 170 miles there and 170 back.

Season ticket holder and have this journey every home game.

So flip off.

Helan was below average (not poo poo, not overly bad) which in my book is a four.

You were definitely tired from your journey. Gardner wasn't a 5 in a million years. Put in another tidy performance.

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Kirkland - 7

Buxton - 7

Llera - 8

Gardner - 8

Pugh - 7

Lee - 7

Prutton - 7

Coke - 8

Helan - 7

Antonio - 8

Lita - 8

Llera hoofed it an awful lot, but was superb defensively. Gardner was solid as usual. Pugh was steady but his corners always hit the spot. Wasn't Helan's best game but still good to see him back. Coke was just immense, amazing turnaround in fortunes. Antonio was quiet but his left foot cross for Lita was superb. Lita himself was terrific - his movement is second to none.


For once I completely agree with that.  Coke was MOTM for me & I'm a big fan of Llera's ... but he didn't have hoof it.

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Agree with Kivo's ratings this time, maybe an 8 for Lee would also be fair.


As for Llera, there are times when he can bring the ball out and play a pass, and it is good to see a CB trying to do that, but when theres somebody like Craig Mckail Smith charging around I'd rather see him get his laces through the ball than try and be too clever like he did away at Middlesbrough.

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buxton is mr consistency week in week out, so he can be forgiven for his feeble attempt at a clearance for brightons goal, buxton 8.5

true buxton is more consistent than some of the others in the team...

but his awful attempt at the clearance when he had time, means i think he only receives a 6... 

if credit is to be awarded where it is due, then the opposite must also be true...

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