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Keep football filthy!

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You can't call 'em Bummers an' Bernard is banned

we sit on the Kop with mouths shut, sat on hands

the Refs not a b*st*rd  he's not a fat queer

he's just rather rotund, as many on here


It seems that the chants an' the stuff that we sing

are not purely factual, an' truth does not ring

for while you are shoutin' for all you are worth

perhaps Wednesday aren't the best team on the earth



but... "ey up"...I admit...i'm just a fan an' I chant mostly sh*t


So Brighton come up and the chants from the stands

are mainly of "bummers" an' blokes holding hands

We chant at them,  we  get" Norvern scum " back

as Bernard... outside ...shouts.."Attack an' Attack"


But sadly some folk take all this stuff to heart

the whippets an' caps an' the bum cheeks apart

I cant for the life of me think that they dream

"That The Owls are the worlds finest football team"



..but... "ey up"..I admit....I'm just a fan an' I chant mostly sh*t

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