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Sheffield Wednesday in five years time...

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What do you think will be happening at Sheffield Wednesday in five years time ?


What league will we be in ?

Will we be a rich club ?

Will Owlstalk members still be posting about how angry they were at a rumour posted about incoming signings ?


Will the next five years be looked back on as a massive success ?


Will the ground have changed ?


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Guest Fulham Fox

I think we will be yo-yoing between Premiership and Championship


We will not be  a"rich" club with a big benefactor,but with the support base and the UEFA fair play rules kicking in we will be more financially stable than those small teams with big backing which cling to the Premiership.


People will still bite when Neil winds them up. Internet Phishing perfected.


No massive success as the flappers will always raise the expectation level so even when we achieve it there will remain some issue to moan about (some people just like to Major on Minor things - FACT)


We will still be at S6 and we will have a large Panasonic score board to replay goals as well as tell us the score (SHHHHHHHH T)





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Guest Sweet&TenderOwl

We'll be SWHC.

Sheffield Wednesday Hoverball Club.

Est. 2016

Or we could be playing up in space?

If so, Steve Simonsen's penalty kick ball might finally be found. lol

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SHHHHHHHH T. We'll still be waiting for our new scoreboard which should arrive just in time for the Leeds game. 


We'll be still in the Championship but at the right end, top 3, about to confirm promotion to the Premiership.


Reda Johnson will be the all time top scoring defender in the English leagues.


We'll be bringing through some top notch youth prospects from the local area after improving the academy.


We'll be financially stable, not rich but able to compete with most teams for players.


We WILL have had a good cup run between now and then.

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