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Tommy Spurr at the Lane ..

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Guest Johnbloodaxe

Owlsmad is as bad as Bluntsmad to be fair. They both just make sh!t up to try and wum each other



Unlike some people on here eh...



Lua Lua deal still under review...

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Guest thetruthisoutthere

Wonder why, they are 8 points behind Donny anyway.


8 points behind ? Thats a far cry from being 5 points in front and 2 games in hand 

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You're talking absolute poo as usual, Tommy Spurr wasn't the world's best player fair enough, but the lad gave his all and loves our club, bet you really get off on hating him, so much that you couldn't help negging Ripley Owl In the post after yours ,just because he didn't share your sad and hateful view, sad, sad man............ gary megson

Some of the Nobbers on here beggar belief...!

Whether a player is good enough long term or not, if they pull the shirt on and give everything they've got, does it not deserve a bit more than some of the nastiness that cnuts like him come out with...?

Some of our fans are an embarrassment...!

Probably don't go to games...?


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I wasnt a fan when he first started out but he did eventually grow on me and I began to like him. I remember when we lost 3-2 at the sty and he played his heart out, wanted it more than anyone and proved he was 100% Wednesday.

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I've only ever had one player name on the back of my shirt and it was Spurr 2.

Absolutely loved it while he was playing for us. Proper work horse, loved the club and in general a stand out bloke. Came in for a lot of undue abuse in my oppinion. Was devastated when he left.

Tommy Spurr- Wednesday legend.

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